I Feel The Burn! »

S. Bonham

Thank you for the workout! I definitely feel



Great Workout! »


"Great workout! I'll be sore tomorrow


~ S. Burton


Awesome class and tough workout »

K. Humphry

"Such an awesome class and tough workouthighly

recommend it to anyone who is

considering joining"


Celeste is an exceptional person/trainer, genuinely caring... »

P. Moore

Celeste is an exceptional person/trainer,

genuinely caring! She is beyond well

qualified to teach and train anyone to be the

best that they can be. Her formal education

and her own experience is extensive so I

know that she is equipped to help people

reach their goals and take their health to the

next level. She understands the importance

of superior nutrition and not just exercise

which go hand in hand. Celeste is one of the

kindest people I know and trust "~ P. Moore


Celeste's dedication to an active lifestyle... »

R, Moser

"FIT4MOM Ponte Vedra Beach has been an

instrumental part of my life towards healthy

living. Motivating me to become strong at my

own pace. Celeste's dedication to an active

lifestyle is inspirational and the knowledge

she passes on through her ACE and

FIT4MOM training has given me a better

understanding of optimum health. I'm truly

thankful for her guidance."~ R. Moser

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