Celeste Murray

Once I had my son, Cade, I became a SAHM and loved every minute of it. However, as we prepared for him to start kindergarten, I realized I had an opportunity to do something extraordinary.
It took months of soul searching, questioning and doubting myself before I had an epiphany!
I have always enjoyed working out. I have taken a variety of group fitness classes and trained with a personal trainer to help keep me motivated. In college I worked in the Nautilus Room at a local sports club, lifeguarded and coached gymnastics and cheer for close to 20 years. I am a confirmed runner. I have run half marathons, 10k’s and 5k’s. Running is an event we enjoy as a family, we run most races together and sign up Cade for Kids Fun Runs whenever we can.
So, becoming a personal trainer felt like a great fit for me.
The PT certification allowed me to train clients on my time and be available for Cade. As I continued training, I found a real passion for helping moms achieve their “ after baby” goals. I was their trainer but also their support person. When they felt guilty for taking the time to work out, I gave them permission. When they felt insecure about tackling a workout, I reminded them to honor where they were at that day.
Several months ago my husband accepted a new position which brought us to Florida. I was considering how and where to start up my PT business out here when I found FIT4MOM. I signed up for several classes and immediately fell in love with the programs, the moms and the mission of FIT4MOM.

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